• Gather Information

    Be prepared before you call. You should know the purpose of your call, what type of computer are you using, what you were doing before the problem started, and what problem lead to the call. Try and get as much information about the problem as you can, such as error messages or hardware malfunctions.

  • Be Polite

    It’s best to be polite to your tech support personnel. These tech professionals come from all walks of life and are all gathered together to provide you with the help you need. Online technical support can be a thankless job sometimes, so being nice to them can help speed things along to get the problems solved.

  • Take Notes

    Find a way to record the call. Be sure to inform tech support if you make an actual recording. You can also take notes or use your smart phone to take photos of each step. You can even take screen shots of the process. This can save you time and help you troubleshoot the same problem if it happens again.

Think of your online technical support contact person as a member of your success team, a person who is there to help you solve a frustrating problem. Remember, whenever you are having difficulties with one of your technical devices or services, your online technical support person is ready to help.